Wellbeing at St Mark's

Wellbeing refers to students’ physical, social and emotional wellbeing and development. Evidence suggests that these elements are integral rather than incidental to learning and achievement.


The Student Wellbeing program at St Mark’s endeavours to cater for the educational, physical, spiritual and emotional needs of all students in our care. There is a commitment to Student Wellbeing with a designated Student Wellbeing Leader. There are specific programs focusing on the development of relationships that assist students and families to feel connected within the school and wider community. Structures are in place to enhance wellbeing, develop social skills, support students at-risk and to ensure that St Mark’s is a safe school for all.


Teachers at St Mark’s are Wellbeing teachers as we work together and share responsibility for the wellbeing of each child and family that comprise our St Mark’s community.

Wellbeing Initiatives at St Mark’s

To help your child achieve their fullest potential academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually, our wellbeing initiatives build a culture where everyone is valued and respected. St. Mark’s is a KidsMatter school which places the wellbeing of our staff, students, families and community at the foundation for learning and achievement.


We employ a diverse range of strategies and programs to bring life to the wellbeing of the St Mark’s School Community.


Our programs include:

The KidsMatter Program
Social and Emotional Learning
The Bounceback Program
The Restorative Practises Program
Blue Earth
Seasons for Growth (grief and loss)
Bounce Back Resilience Program
Circle Time
Better Buddies
KidsMatter Wellbeing Team (KWell)
Social Skills Program - Positive Skills
Student Leadership Teams
Student Action Group
Whole School Assemblies
Sun Smart Policy
Grade 5/6 camp
Incursions and Excursions
Interschool Sports
Student Achievement and Recognition awards
Individual needs and integration programs
Positive engagement and involvement of parents
Lunchtime School-Connectedness Clubs- Sports (i.e. tennis), Chess Club, Library Club, Italian Dance Club, Choir, Ukulele Club, Knitting Club, Scrapbooking Club
Parent-Teacher Meetings and Student-Led Learning Conferences
Gardening Program
Counselling Services
Liturgical Celebrations